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Remember that “words have no meaning – people have meaning.” The assignment of meaning to a term is an internal process; meaning comes from inside us. And although our experiences, knowledge and attitudes differ, we often misinterpret each other’s messages while under the illusion that a common understanding has been achieved

Larry Barker, Author

Bespoke training solutions

The first part of our engagement with you is always one of listening and questioning. Ensuring that we provide the service that will achieve the outcomes you need.

Our strengths are in developing self-awareness and enhancing the skills which enable people to communicate more effectively and better understand the impact that they can have on others; thus helping to build better organisational and business relationships.

Clients have asked us to deliver training in areas related to:

  • developing intra-cultural communication skills
  • enhancing leadership abilities
  • leading team development days
  • fostering excellent presentation and/or facilitation skills
  • managing conflict
  • reflection and cultural awareness
  • cultural Intelligence
  • train the trainers: for trainers developing communication abilities and intercultural skills
  • impactful mentors
  • building and enhancing coaching skills
  • We provide facilitation for team events, conferences and workshops. Helping you to engage with your audience, deliver your key messages or elicit the perspectives from the people that matter to you.

To discuss your training needs send us your details and we’ll call you back. Or phone us: 0141 258 5043

Open courses

We host impactful, insightful and inspiring open courses throughout the year.

Enhancing Internationalisation

This highly rated professional development day is designed for those in the university and college sectors.

Participants have welcomed the opportunity to reflect on the shifting dynamics created by internationalisation in whatever sphere they are in, be it lecturing, leadership, counselling or customer services.

The day is structured around the four capabilities of CQ (Cultural Intelligence): Motivation, Knowledge, Strategy and Action.  It enables participants to consider the impact they are having and what they could change to enhance the student and working experience.

Our principles

Our training principles are to:

  • Build on people’s strengths
  • Motivate and encourage
  • Share knowledge which can be applied
  • Speak in plain language
  • Give people the confidence to take action
  • Continuously review our offering and practise

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Lucy ButtersHaving worked to develop leadership, business communication skills and the potential of people from over 80 countries around the world, Lucy Butters knows that small changes in how we interact and communicate can lead to really positive impacts. She established elembee, in 2010, to enhance individual potential, leadership, teamwork, organisational partnerships and the internationalisation strategies of the education, public and private sectors . . . Read More


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Lucy has a friendly and professional manner which always gets to the heart of the matter. I can warmly recommend her as a exceptional career coach who is highly dedicated. I can guarantee that no challenge with faze her and you will always find her ready to listen, question and motivate you into taking practical steps and actions.