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Working with a professional and experienced coach ensures that there is someone focused on enabling you to adjust to or achieve the changes you need to make.

What is your aim?  My only aim is to work with you in a way that gets you there …

Purpose of Coaching
The purpose of coaching is to enable you to make the changes that will enable you to achieve your goals.

People choose to benefit from coaching for a number of reasons:

  • for personal development
  • to clarify priorities
  • to keep motivated through periods of change
  • to achieve ambitions

Be it change that is happening to you (eg: a shift in work role or priorities; a redundancy; a need to balance changing life and work commitments) or changes that you want to make (eg: build or grow your business, raise your profile, deepen your confidence) working with a professional and experienced coach ensures that there is someone focused on enabling you to adjust to or achieve the changes you need to make.

I offer an experienced, professional coaching service. I do not use formulas and gimmicks – I am experienced at listening and using questions that will engage, challenge and motivate you.

To discuss how coaching could benefit you, send your details or phone us: 0141 258 5043

You will reach your goals.

Impacts of coaching
The impact of coaching for individuals is that you will reach your goals. For organisations providing coaching leads to a workforce who are engaged, motivated and working to their potential.

You will have someone onside whose only agenda is listening and asking the questions which enable you to clarify what actions will get you to where you need to be … and then keep you motivated to ensure you take the actions that will get there.

Coaching for Individuals
People often ask us what kind of coaching we provide. There are many different coaching labels that would apply, be it executive, business, personal development and life coaching. Regardless of the label that you think fits, the most important thing is that we give a service based on your needs. We have integrity and experience and we will get you the results you need.

Generally speaking, our clients come to us with aspirations which can roughly be defined as:

  • Clients seeking professional and personal development
  1. building confidence
  2. adapting to new working rules enhancing communication skills – eg: presentation skills, interview skills
  3. enhancing communication skills – eg: presentation skills, interview skills
  4. managing more effectively – eg: dealing with conflict, adapting to new responsibilities, engaging others
  5. achieving a healthier balance in life for you
  • Clients in senior roles who are seeking a coach with whom they can be challenged and clarify their focus.
  • Clients who are establishing or growing their businesses or self-employment opportunities.
    It doesn’t matter if you call it executive, business or life coaching. This coaching will get you results.

Find out how coaching could benefit you.  Send your details or phone us: 0141 258 5043

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Lucy ButtersHaving worked to develop leadership, business communication skills and the potential of people from over 80 countries around the world, Lucy Butters knows that small changes in how we interact and communicate can lead to really positive impacts. She established elembee, in 2010, to enhance individual potential, leadership, teamwork, organisational partnerships and the internationalisation strategies of the education, public and private sectors . . . Read More


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I have worked with Lucy twice; I attended her Enhancing Internationalisation workshop when I worked in international higher education and, when I moved into the Heritage sector, commissioned Lucy to deliver a bespoke one-day Cultural Intelligence workshop for my department. The team had varying levels of experience of working internationally and it was particularly useful for us, as a team, to consider individual motivations, positive assumptions and reflect on our own working methods.


Cultural Intelligence is a very important part of many working environments now but it is still not a widely recognised skill. Lucy’s training workshops really help to develop these skills. They are useful not just if you work in an international setting but also because the teams we work in are increasingly international and a greater ability to understand and communicate with each other is essential for success.