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CQ Cultural Intelligence: Assessments and Coaching

What are the opportunities and challenges that diversity and internationalisation present for you?

Individuals and organisations that are serious about developing their talents to effectively work in todays multicultural and international settings are investing in developing their Cultural Intelligence (also known as CQ)

CQ is known to predict performance.  It can be assessed and most importantly it can be enhanced and developed.

CQ is rooted in robust academic research and leading organisations in business, education, and governance are using CQ to enhance professional development in their organisations.

Working in our highly diverse universities, businesses and societies, the need for professionals and leaders with cultural intelligence has never been higher.

Enhance your global potential: Invest in a CQ Assessment and coaching package.


  1. CQ Taster: Self assessment and Coaching (3 hours)

This will give you an insight into your cultural intelligence based on your own assessment.

We will have an intitial discussion to discuss your context and goals.

The assessment is on-line and should take about 20 minutes to complete.

You will receive your personal 16 page CQ report.  Your CQ report will include a rating on the 4 capabilities of CQ; Motivation, Knowledge, Strategy and Action and your preferences in 7 key cultural values.

The following coaching session will be to debrief your CQ assessment and develop an action plan for enhancing your CQ.


 2.  CQ Professional: CQ Multi-rater assessment and 6 Coaching sessions

The CQ Multi-Rater assessment is the professional gold standard.

Along with your self-assessment the feedback report will include the anonymised feedback from 3-7 observers whom you choose.   This gives a far more detailed insight into your CQ, enabling you to get a sense not just of how you rate your own CQ, but how others see you too.

I would recommend this assessment especially if you are in a leadership position or a professional about to embark on an overseas posting.

Prior to starting we would have a conversation to establish your context and aspirations for taking the assessment and coaching.

The CQ Multi-Rater assessment is on-line and should take you and each of your observers roughly 20 minutes to complete your part. The feedback report will include your CQ ratings for the 4 key capabilities of CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy and CQ Action, along with 13 sub categories.  The report also includes your Global Potential feedback, giving insights on your cross-cultural adaptability, negotiation, judgement and decision making and strategic leadership capabilities.

There will then be 6 hours of coaching to include insight on interpreting your report and enhancing the aspects of CQ most relevant for your context and aspirations.


The assessments are from The Cultural Intelligence Centre, with whom I am certified.  They hold the copyright to the only academically verified CQ assessment.

Note: If you would like to view a sample CQ feedback report please just ask, by contacting me at:

e: lucybutters@elembee.co.uk

t: +00 44 (0)141 636 6747

What is cultural intelligence (CQ)?

CQ is defined as the “capacity to be effective in diverse cultural contexts”.


CQ is the capability to plan appropriately and function effectively in a variety of cultural contexts.

It is a relatively new term and came from the research of Professors Soon Ang, Christopher Earley and Lynn Van Dyne, among many others, who have researched how to measure and predict cultural intelligence.

Cultural Intelligence is not about personality it is a set of capabilities.

The four factor model is based on Sternberg’s mutli-dimensional perspective of intelligence. Intelligence is not just about knowledge, you have to have the motivation to use it, adapt your behaviours where necessary and be able to think about your cultural interactions.

CQ Drive: (Motivation) interest and confidence in functioning effectively in culturally diverse settings.

CQ Knowledge (Cognition) knowledge about how cultures are similar and different.

CQ Strategy (Meta-cognition) planning and making sense of culturally diverse experiences.

CQ Action (Behaviour) capability to adapt your behaviour appropriately for different cultures.

What clients say

“Having the assessment has really given me something to reflect on and  I can understand certain situations in a new light now”

“Noticing more about my own cultural assumptions was an eye opener.”

“The assessment, linked with your questions, has really been an eye opener and made me think differently about my strengths and also what I have to improve to become more effective in the work I’m doing”

“Very informative and has given me a lot to think about, especially how I deal with students – I will recommend to others.”



CQ Taster Assessment & Insight Coaching Package: £499

Includes initial conversation to establish purpose, CQ self-assessment, personalised 16 page CQ report and debrief and coaching session to determine development plan.  (2.5 hours)

CQ Professional Assessment & Insight Coaching Package: £1099

Includes intitial conversation to establish your aspirations, access to online CQ Multi-Rater asscessment, personalised 20 page feedback report and 6 hours of one to one coaching.

Note: Debriefing and Coaching is by phone or skype.  If you wish to arrange face to face coaching pricing will vary depending on location.

If you would like to create a different package to suit your particular needs please just let me know.

Contact me to discuss what option would work for you: lucybutters@elembee.co.uk  0141 636 6747 or enter your details in the form below and I’ll contact you.

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