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I am a trainer, coach and facilitator who specialises in assessing and developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and working with universities to develop, support and enhance internationalisation strategies.

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I have worked with Lucy twice; I attended her Enhancing Internationalisation workshop when I worked in international higher education and, when I moved into the Heritage sector, commissioned Lucy to deliver a bespoke one-day Cultural Intelligence workshop for my department. The team had varying levels of experience of working internationally and it was particularly useful for us, as a team, to consider individual motivations, positive assumptions and reflect on our own working methods.


Cultural Intelligence is a very important part of many working environments now but it is still not a widely recognised skill. Lucy’s training workshops really help to develop these skills. They are useful not just if you work in an international setting but also because the teams we work in are increasingly international and a greater ability to understand and communicate with each other is essential for success.

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Having worked to develop leadership, business communication skills and the potential of people from over 80 countries around the world, Lucy Butters knows that small changes in how we interact and communicate can lead to really positive impacts. She established elembee, in 2010, to enhance individual potential, leadership, teamwork, organisational partnerships and the internationalisation strategies of the education, public and private sectors . . . Read More


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