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The importance of internationalisation for the education sectors continues to grow. Getting it right is crucial.

The foundations of implementing successful internationalisation strategies is working on relationships, relationships and relationships.

Be it the relationship fostered between the recruitment team and the potential student, the lecturer and faculty administrators and their students, the researchers collaborating across borders, the leaders responsible for engaging staff throughout their organisation in internationalisation strategy or creating and maintaining international partnerships or the relocation advisers in HR supporting new staff from overseas – the success of these relationships impact directly on the success of internationalisation strategies.

Elembee has expertise in delivering training, coaching and facilitation services which enhance internationalisation strategies.

Leading to engage across the organisation

Elembee understands the importance of aligning internationalisation strategies with the key purposes, values and central strategy of the university.How leaders engage across the university affects understanding, motivation, implementation and consequently outcomes.Elembee can work with university leaders on areas such as:

  • development of internationalisation strategies
  • leadership development to foster communication skills which engage and inspire
  • faculty or departmental workshops to create action plans linked to university strategy

To discuss how we could best enhance your internationalisation strategies send us your details and we’ll give you a call.  Or phone: 0141 636 6747 

Enhancing Skills which support internationalisation

programmes to suit the different needs of colleagues in your university. We have run development days to suit the agendas of:

  • Internationalisation and Teaching and Learning
  • Customer Service within an international education organisation
  • Improving team work in international teams
  • Creating and maintaining positive international partnerships

The benefits of running such development days include:

for the institution

  • Greater organisational capacity in international cultural expertise, leading to enhanced outcomes for internationalisation strategies.
  • Improved communication and interactions leading to improved relationships with international students, staff and partners.
  • Fosters a belief in colleagues throughout the university that the university values internationalisation for its impact on building and disseminating knowledge, and improving the capacity of employees to support this aim in an international context.

for the participant

  • Greater self awareness about cultural comfort zones and values.
  • Knowledge, tools and techniques which enable participants to adapt and increase versatility for better outcomes working in a diverse and international education setting.
  • Enhanced communication skills with more knowledge of how their communications can be misunderstood/better understood in an international setting.
  • Provide an opportunity for reflection about their personal response to working in an international environment and plan actions relevant to improving their outcomes.

Our one day development programme Enhancing Internationalisation can be run in-house.

It can be adapted as either a one or two day programme depending on the focus and outcomes which best suit your needs.

How could our expertise and experience of internationalisation enhance your work?

To discuss what we could do for you send us your details and we’ll give you a call. Or phone: 0141 636 6747

Preparing students for the globalised world

What skills do your students need to operate effectively in a dynamic, globalised world?

What do we want out of an internationalised curriculum?

What is the best way to build intercultural communication and interaction skills into your students’ learning?

What does global citizenship education mean for your university/faculty/department? We have experience of designing and delivering student workshops and lectures in subjects as diverse as chemistry to museum studies, either as part of the curriculum or as extra development workshops on themes such developing cultural awareness and communication skills?We can both deliver sessions for students or work with you on a consultancy basis to assist with designing materials that are appropriate for your subject and students.We facilitate staff development days on themes outlined above to give you thinking and discussion space to find solutions that are appropriate for your context and aspirations.

To discuss what we could do for you send us your details and we’ll give you a call. Or phone: 0141 636 6747

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Lucy ButtersHaving worked to develop leadership, business communication skills and the potential of people from over 80 countries around the world, Lucy Butters knows that small changes in how we interact and communicate can lead to really positive impacts. She established elembee, in 2010, to enhance individual potential, leadership, teamwork, organisational partnerships and the internationalisation strategies of the education, public and private sectors . . . Read More


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I have worked with Lucy twice; I attended her Enhancing Internationalisation workshop when I worked in international higher education and, when I moved into the Heritage sector, commissioned Lucy to deliver a bespoke one-day Cultural Intelligence workshop for my department. The team had varying levels of experience of working internationally and it was particularly useful for us, as a team, to consider individual motivations, positive assumptions and reflect on our own working methods.


Cultural Intelligence is a very important part of many working environments now but it is still not a widely recognised skill. Lucy’s training workshops really help to develop these skills. They are useful not just if you work in an international setting but also because the teams we work in are increasingly international and a greater ability to understand and communicate with each other is essential for success.